Summer Learning Activities

The few weeks we were at home this summer, we managed to squeeze in some learning activities.
Buddy loves to play with my label maker. He thinks it is his little computer. When he plays with it, I take it as an opportunity to work on numbers with him. Toy cell phones, the microwave buttons, elevator buttons and hotel room numbers when traveling, are all great and natural opportunities to talk about numbers.
Another fun activity we did was a color scavenger hunt. I laid different colors of construction paper on the kitchen table, and we walked around the house to find items of each other. It was really cool to see how Buddy recognized that there are different shades of each color and also how he could recognize the dominant color of a multi-colored object.
After we gathered all of the items, we counted them. Using a dry erase marker and a laminated sheet of plain copy paper, I wrote down several numbers and had him circle the correct number of items on each color. 
I think he drew a pretty good circle for his first attempt!
Little Man also really enjoys drawing with the dry erase markers.
Buddy has always liked helping me in the kitchen. He especially loves to help me cut fruit with his plastic knives from IKEA.
Yummy cantaloupe and strawberries!
We tried making chalk paint for the first time. You just mix equal parts cornstarch and water, then tint with food coloring. It was a big hit!
Then we added a little more water and put it in a condiment dispenser and used it to draw.
I’ve been thinking about our learning “plans” for the fall. A lot of observation, reflection and reading are leading me to make a few changes to the way we were doing things this past spring. I’m still sorting out my thoughts and ideas, but I will be sure to share them with you soon. 

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