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Wii Bowling Birthday Bash

Monday was my husband's 30th birthday. I wanted to throw him a fun party, but struggled with a theme.  The only ideas I saw online were sports, gambling or drinking themed parties. He is not into any of those things, so those options were out. Also, he already did an 80's party for my 30th last year. He's a techie sort of a guy, but I already did an iPhone themed party last year. Finally, I saw this party on Hostess with the Mostess, and I knew I had my theme. It was easy and fun to decorate. … [Read more...]

Little Peter

We have a little Bible storybook that I often read out of to the boys during breakfast. In the section about Christ and His Resurrection, there is a page that shows the soldiers taking Jesus away. Buddy is quite obsessed with that picture. That is the only page that he ever wants me to read from. He gets quite angry at those "mean soldiers" and often tells me how he is going to fight them because of what they did to Jesus. I always use this as an opportunity to tell him the story of Peter. That … [Read more...]

No Time To Lose!

The baby weight that is. At least I'm still calling it baby weight even though Little Man is now 18 months old. I have always had to stay on top of my weight. I'm not one of those people who can eat whatever they want and still be thin. If I want to be thin, I have to watch what I eat and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, I wasn't raised in such a way that eating healthy or working were a natural part of my lifestyle, so I have to make a very conscious effort to do both. After I had … [Read more...]

Summer Learning Activities

The few weeks we were at home this summer, we managed to squeeze in some learning activities.   Buddy loves to play with my label maker. He thinks it is his little computer. When he plays with it, I take it as an opportunity to work on numbers with him. Toy cell phones, the microwave buttons, elevator buttons and hotel room numbers when traveling, are all great and natural opportunities to talk about numbers.     Another fun activity we did was a color scavenger hunt. I laid different … [Read more...]

Boys and Girls

You may remember that last summer, I always had pictures of Buddy playing with his cousins. Sadly, they moved away last fall and we do not get to see them often. We were so excited when they came to visit us last month. The little friendships picked right up where they left off.      They played and played and played. We did a little art project together painting watercolor postcards.       We also made a fun dinner called Cowboy Stew. It's an old camp favorite. Each person takes a … [Read more...]

VA Children’s Museum

While we were in Virginia this summer, we took the boys to the Virginia Children's Museum.    Little Man's favorite area was the pet shop. And his favorite thing to do was crawl in and out of the dog house. He probably did this for 15 minutes or so.     He also really enjoyed looking at the trains.     Buddy loved driving the fire truck!       I think Buddy's favorite area was the theatre. They had lots of costumes for dress up. The kids could control the … [Read more...]

Virginia Beach

This was our third summer taking some of our teens from church to Virginia to work with an inner city camp in the Norfolk area. When we are there, we are only about 30 minutes from Virginia Beach, so we always try to head over there several times during the trip.We didn't have great weather that week, so we only made it to the beach twice. The first time was July 4. The beach was crazy busy and with all of the stuff that we had to carry, I didn't even attempt to bring my nice camera for fear of … [Read more...]

Summer Blues

Summer blues??? I know, crazy, right? Most people get the winter blues. Well, it happens to me in the summer.    For the last couple of years, our summer schedule has been NUTS!    Two weeks of youth camp, one week of mission camp in Virginia, a few days of having family in town, a week of Children's Revival, and a week in Ohio visiting family.     Our brief moments at home were filled with a lot of laundry!     I've learned a couple of things about … [Read more...]

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