DIY Felt Weather Trees

Last summer, I found two felt trees at a yard sale. I made a few modifications and now we use them in the playroom to show what the weather is like outside.

The first tree already had a sun sewn to one side. I made a cloud out of white felt to place over the sun if its a little cloudy outside. The other side of that tree just has clouds for those gloomy days.

The other tree had apple buttons and an odd face, both which I removed. I hot glued clouds and rain drops on one side and then cut a cloud out of gray felt and lightning bolts in white to place over the rain for those stormy days. One the other side, I hot glued a snow flake out of white felt.

Every morning, we look outside the big picture window in our playroom and determine whether it is very sunny, sunny with a few clouds, very cloudy, rainy, stormy or very rarely here in the South, snowy. Then I let Buddy pick out the right tree to put on our shelf. It’s a fun and cute way to teach him the weather.

I sure hope we have lots of sunny days ahead!



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  1. These trees are so sweet!

  2. @Linda

    Thank you Linda! So are all of your adorable knit toys. I made your Bluebird of Happiness last year. It is so adorable!

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