Our Homeschool Journey Begins

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post on exploring four different philosophies on early childhood education after being introduced to them by this blog post.
I think that after almost a year of reading and researching different methods of early childhood education, I am finally ready to begin doing preschool at home with Buddy. I use the term “preschool” loosely. Basically, I am just going to be more intentional about how we spend our days. Many of the activities we have already been doing for a while, but moving forward, I plan to put more effort in planning and preparation on my end. Buddy will probably not even notice. 
Right now, I am not going to get into my thoughts on homeschooling vs. public school vs. private school. I know that there are a lot of strong opinions out there for every point of view. We are simply making a choice that is right for our family and our child at this point in our lives. 
Will we always homeschool? I don’t know. 
Will I homeschool all of my children? I don’t know. 
We might get right in the middle of it and realize that it is not a good fit for us, and then have to re-evaluate our decision. What’s right for Buddy may not be right for Little Man or our future children. We’ll see. 
That’s why I am calling it a journey. 
In my obsession interest in reading about all of the different methods and philosophies, I finally feel like I have developed my philosophy. At least enough to know how I want to start out. I know my thoughts and opinions will grow and change as I continue to read and put things into practice. I will also have to take into account my children’s personalities and learning styles. At the same time, I will be learning my strengths and weaknesses as their educator. 
To me, that is one of the great things about homeschooling. The freedom and flexibility to be “organic” in our education. I first heard about this term, “organic education”, when watching a video of Sir Ken Robinson speaking at the TED Conference in 2010 about “Revolutionizing Education”. If you have a few minutes (and this subject interests you), I highly recommend watching these videos.


Over the next few days (or longer), I will share with you some links to what I have been reading, my “philosophy” on early childhood education, and my weekly plan. I will then begin sharing our progress with you on a weekly basis to keep you updated on our journey. I will also write more in depth about various ideas that have really resonated with me as I have been doing my reading and research.
I hope you will enjoy this journey along with us!

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