Knit Pincushion

Funny story about this pincushion…it actually started out as an Easter egg. 

I’m not really sure why I was knitting an Easter egg, but I was. Things were going really good until the end. I wasn’t paying close enough attention and suddenly, my Easter egg had a tail. And I didn’t really care enough to backtrack and try to fix it. So I stuffed it with some wool roving and tried to shape it. It looked nothing like an egg. 

I was playing around with the shape and mashed it flat. It looked like a pumpkin or better yet…a pincushion! I grabbed some embroidery floss and sewed the top and bottom centers together to keep it “mashed”, and then sewed on a cute button from my button jar. 

Now, I’m really glad that I made that mistake!

In case you want to make an Easter egg turned pincushion, here is the pattern I was following. Good luck!



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