Happy {belated} Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday was such a fun day! 
I started the day serving a special breakfast of homemade blueberry streusel muffins. They were so delicious!
We lit our heart lantern and listened to Ella Fitzgerald while we ate.
After we ate, we gave the boys their Valentine’s. Their sweet Daddy gave them the cutest little boxes of animal crackers.
Then I gave them their cowboy pajama/lounge pants that I made for them.
I made Buddy’s pants by tracing a pair of his store bought pajama pants for a homemade pattern. 
The cowboy print is from JoAnn’s and the red gingham is a thrifted Ralph Lauren sheet. Of course Buddy wanted to put on his cowboy boots immediately. And he wore his “I {heart} Mom” shirt for me since it was Valentine’s Day.
For Little Man’s pants, I used a pattern specifically designed for babies who wear cloth diapers. They are called “Big Butt Baby Pants.” 
They both looked so cute in their new pants!
My husband surprised me by writing me a poem. He’s a funny guy and is always writing funny poems when he has to give speeches and things like that. Well, yesterday he surprised me with the sweetest poem I have ever read. It definitely brought on the waterworks! I asked him if I could put it on my blog and he said that he didn’t mind. So here it is…(you might want to get a tissue first!)
I wanted to write a few words
Just in case you didn’t know
That you are the most unique woman
Truly the best in show
I don’t like comparisons
But if I made one about you
Nothing or no one could add up
Quite like you do
The music that you hear
Is always soft and slow
The painting in your mind’s eye
A sunset by where the rivers flow
So calming and so soothing
Your voice always to hear
Those sweet words of encouragement
Are pleasant to the ear
Life always runs too fast
And nothing seems to last
It’s always nice to slow down
And relic on the past
The moments that have shared
When no one was around
All we had were dreams and plans
And a future still to be found
The future now unfolding
Brings things that are hard to handle
But everything seems to be just right
As you light the dinner candle
Sitting there together
This crazy two has now become four
Enjoying what is great about our love
As the goldfish hit the floor
Everything you do
To make this family a tight knit crew
Makes the love grow deeper and stronger
Between me and you

I LOVE this man!


Have I ever told you how awesome my husband is? Because he is. I am very blessed! Needless to say, I had a great Valentine’s Day. 
Today I am busy preparing for Little Man’s first birthday tomorrow. We are just going to have a small party and do pictures tomorrow and have his big party on Saturday. I’ve got tons to do! 



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  1. My Love is..... says:

    gosh I love these fabric combos! well done!!

  2. Such a sweet poem! You’ve got a nice fella there.
    And, those pants are too cute! I especially love the big butt baby pants. I’ve been wanting to make some of those.

  3. LOVE the cowboy lounge pants! My little boy is obsessed with Woody right now 🙂
    Please link up to my weekly sewing linky party!

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