Christmas: The Aftermath

So here is what my typically very organized playroom looked like the day after Christmas and the addition of too many new toys…

Aaaahhhh! So I spent the entire day today reorganizing and cleaning the playroom. I had the hubby move a giant cabinet that we have been having no luck at selling BACK into the house and into the playroom for more toy storage. And then had him move our current toy shelf into the boys bedroom, and take the crib apart and put it in storage. (Little Man hasn’t spent a single night in that crib and I don’t that’s going to change anytime soon. He prefers his warm cozy spot nestled against his mama. And his mama does too!)

I am so blessed to have a husband that doesn’t mind moving furniture because I probably rearrange all of the furniture in the house every three months. He’s a sweetheart about it! Anyone that knows me knows that I am a little OCD when it comes to my house. A place for everything and everything in it’s place…is definitely my motto. So all of the new toys were stressing me out a bit. I have decided to start a new Christmas tradition. It will be the opposite of Santa. A different man that comes down the chimney a few days after Christmas to TAKE toys…to the Goodwill. Today I discreetly worked on 3 different piles: toys to donate, toys to take to Grandma’s, and toys to put in storage that I think the boys will enjoy more when they get a little bit older. So after all of that work today, I feel like I can relax a little bit.

Tomorrow’s mission…taking down the Christmas decorations. I need a good night’s rest.





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