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Handmade Christmas Gifts

I made some Christmas gifts for a few friends and family members, but I couldn't post about them until after Christmas because most of them read this blog. I found the tutorial for this gathered clutch on the Sew, Mama, Sew! Handmade Holiday Master List 2010. I loved making these! After I made my first one, I started adding a few things of my own, like the wrist strap and scrappy flower. It was my first time sewing in a zipper. It was much easier than I thought. I don't know what I was … [Read more...]

Christmas: The Aftermath

So here is what my typically very organized playroom looked like the day after Christmas and the addition of too many new toys... Aaaahhhh! So I spent the entire day today reorganizing and cleaning the playroom. I had the hubby move a giant cabinet that we have been having no luck at selling BACK into the house and into the playroom for more toy storage. And then had him move our current toy shelf into the boys bedroom, and take the crib apart and put it in storage. (Little Man hasn't spent a … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

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Santa Baby

My boys were born in the same season, so it has been a blessing for Little Man to be able to wear all of his big brother's hand-me-downs. And that means all of the cute holiday outfits too! Here is Buddy as "Santa Baby" back in 2008. And here is Little Man from our "photo shoot" earlier today. He wasn't too keen on wearing the hat. And he liked to pull the ornaments off of the tree. Here's a nice shot of those pearly whites. And his cute crinkly face … [Read more...]

Easy Holiday Treats

I got this "recipe", if you want to call it that, a few years ago from a sweet lady at our church. Since then, it has been a big hit among friends and family. It has to be one of the easiest batch of treats I have ever made.All you need is a package of store bought peanut butter cookie dough and a bag of Reese's Cups. (Tip: look for the candy to go on sale right after Halloween. You can buy a few bags and throw them in your freezer.)Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a mini muffin pan, place … [Read more...]

DIY Easy Holiday Throw Pillow

We had a Christmas party at our house last night, and as I was decorating the sun porch in red and lime green, I realized that my sun porch couch did not look festive enough. I looked around the house for some "holiday-ish" pillows or blankets, but couldn't find anything. It was only minutes before the party, so I had to think fast. I knew I had some pretty holiday fabric that I had purchased a few weeks ago to make one of these, but never got around to it. I thought I could make a quick pillow … [Read more...]

DIY Mei Tai Baby Carrier

This past Summer, I purchased a woven wrap and was so excited to be able to wear Little Man on my back so that I could get some housework done. Although I loved the look and feel of the wrap, I didn't love putting it on. It took too long for me to get on and I didn't feel comfortable putting Little Man on my back by myself. So I began the search for a soft structured carrier. The two types of carriers that fall into this category are buckle carriers and Mei Tai's. I was able to try on both … [Read more...]

My Jar of Holiday Cheer

This year, I wanted to create a jar of "holiday cheer" to make sure that I take a little time out each day of this busy holiday season to do something fun with the boys. I wrote out 25 little activities on slips of paper and then put them in a jar. I put the jar on my kitchen table and each morning after breakfast, Buddy will pull out one or two activities out for us to do that day. Today we made sock puppets and put on a Christmas "Carol-oke" performance. It was a lot of fun! To see … [Read more...]

Creating a Family Advent Tradition

I have decided that as a mother, I want to be very intentional about establishing holiday traditions for my family to look forward to each year, as well as creating special memories for my children to look back on when they are older. One of the things we have started this December and hope to continue for many years to come, is a nightly Advent celebration.  I knew I wanted to make an Advent calendar for our family and saw many cute ideas online. But it was important for me to keep our … [Read more...]

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