Autumn Nature Table

I know that soon we will be decorating for Christmas, but I had to share some pictures of my Autumn nature table as well as some other Autumn themed decorating we did around the playroom.

Here is a picture our nature table. I found this leaf shaped wooden tray at our local thrift store and knew it would be perfect for our fall nature collections. In our tray, we have some things we have collected on our walks and outdoor adventuring: a pine cone, some feathers, pretty leaves, a cool branch, lots of acorns. There is also a cute little wooden bear that we got when Buddy was a baby and we lived in “bear country”. Also in our tray, is a little pumpkin I knitted using this pattern. And next to our tray is an adorable felt tree that I found at a yard sale. One side has the sun and the other has clouds. I’m trying to teach Buddy a little bit about the weather, and (on the days we remember to) we turn the tree to show the kind of weather that we see outside the window.
Here’s  a closeup of the pumpkin. It was really easy to knit and didn’t take long at all.
Above our nature table, is an awesome shelf that my husband built for me inspired by a similar shelf that we saw at Pottery Barn.
The candles will stay, but I will change out the other decor based on the season. This Summer, we had it decorated with seashells. Now, as you can see, we added pine cones from our yard. I am thankful to have such a sweet husband to make these kind of things for me.
Our playroom is actually the original living room of the house, so there is a front door with 3 little windows. I thought it would be fun to make “stained glass” leaves for the windows.
I just took the same melted crayon wax paper from our summer flowers, and put them between leaf cutouts that I let Buddy paint. I only had two, so I put a cute little Autumn verse in the center.

Autumn winds are whirling, twirling
Fly across the grass so brown
But each one finds it’s way at last
And gently, softly flutters down
I saw this idea for watercolor leaves, and knew it would be a fun craft to do with Buddy. He enjoyed painting the newsprint with watercolors…and then enjoyed continuing to paint his cereal box place mat. 🙂
We hung his newsprint leaf and the other leaves he painted from our “stained glass” craft in the playroom on his art wall.
I can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving. Where has this year gone? Little Man is almost 9 months old and before I know it, we will be celebrating his 1st birthday and Buddy’s 3rd. They grow up too fast. Way too fast.



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