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DIY Light Fixture Redo

We have been in the process of redecorating our family room for a few months now. I've been buying and selling furniture on Craigslist and trying to figure out the final look that I want to go with. This past weekend, I finally decided on a paint color and my hubby was so sweet to paint for me. I promise to share photos as soon as we get our new floors installed and hang a few more pictures.In the family room was an ugly brass light fixture hanging by the door. I hated the look of it, but loved … [Read more...]

My Funny Little Boy

If you have ever met my two year old (or two and a half, as he likes to point out), you know that he has an amazing vocabulary for his age. Lately, he has been talking in the "fourth person", as I like to call it. "Mama, some people don't like it when you tell some people to go potty!" "Mama, don't touch some people's toys." It is quite amusing. The other day he said on of the funniest things as of yet. He prayed for our food as he always does... "Lord, bless our food. Amen!" And then he … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Crafts and Gratitude

Thanksgiving "Eve" was a fun day of crafting for the boys and I. We celebrate Thanksgiving with a big dinner at my in-laws house. Because my husband has four sisters that are very handy in the kitchen, there isn't much I have to do in the food department. So I decided that the boys and I would start a tradition of making place-cards for the dinner and also some type of gratitude activity for the family to take part in. I saw some cute place-card crafts on The Crafty Crow blog and I borrowed … [Read more...]

Remember Those Shopping Totes!

In my efforts to become more "green" and live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, I am not doing very well in one very simple area. No matter how hard I try, I almost never remember to take my reusable totes when I go shopping. So I have a pantry full of plastic bags that shame me every time I open the door, and a huge collection of shopping totes that sit unused. For my One Small Change for November, I thought that I would make more of an effort to use my shopping totes. Because I have … [Read more...]

Please Check Your Baby at the Door

Because my husband and I are on staff at our church, we are usually very busy during the Sunday morning worship service. We have started attending the Sunday evening service of a very large and popular church in our area, so we can just relax and enjoy the worship and teaching. This church has put a lot of money and effort into creating a phenomenal nursery and children's ministry, and they very strongly encourage parents to take advantage of it. I say it this way, because it is very obvious … [Read more...]

Autumn Nature Table

I know that soon we will be decorating for Christmas, but I had to share some pictures of my Autumn nature table as well as some other Autumn themed decorating we did around the playroom. Here is a picture our nature table. I found this leaf shaped wooden tray at our local thrift store and knew it would be perfect for our fall nature collections. In our tray, we have some things we have collected on our walks and outdoor adventuring: a pine cone, some feathers, pretty leaves, a cool branch, … [Read more...]

Homemade Lavender Laundry Detergent

A little while back, I mentioned that I would soon be trying out some homemade laundry detergent based on a  recipe I found here. Well, I am already on my second batch and I love it! It's easy to make and does a great job at getting our clothes clean.Here's the recipe...(For a printable version, click here.)Homemade Lavender Laundry Detergent(Makes approximately 5 cups)2 cups finely grated lavender castile soap*1 cup borax1 cup baking soda1 cup washing soda*I use Dr. Bronner's lavendar … [Read more...]

Finding Your Identity as a Mother

In high school, most teens go through an identity crisis of sorts, and try out the different cliques until they find the best fit. There's the jocks, the preps, Goths, and skaters to name a few. Just about the time they get it figured out, they encounter a whole new set of stereotypes in college...the political activists, the philosophers, the party crowd, the hippies. Usually by the time a person finishes college and enters the workforce, they have a decent grasp of who they are. Then they … [Read more...]

DIY “Woody” Costume

So I know I am a little late on the Halloween costume post, but I just had to share this idea with any of you other  mama's who have kiddos that are die hard Toy Story fans. Plus it's an excuse to show off how cute my boys are! I was originally planning to go with a Dr. Seuss theme for the boys costumes, but then I went out of town and wasn't able to make some of the necessary costume accessories I wanted. So horror of horrors...I went to Wal-Mart and bought Buddy a "Woody" costume. It was … [Read more...]

Learning my DSLR

The boys and I had a nice visit with my grandparents last week. I might have been a little over-ambitious in my list of things I had hoped to accomplish during my trip. I never got around to any reading any books, knitting, or planning, but I did get to play around with my camera in the manual setting. (I also got caught up on the entire season of Project Runway. Good thing I don't watch TV at home anymore or I wouldn't get anything done!)    It was the perfect week to work on improving my … [Read more...]

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