Wash Wednesdays and the Amazing Sun

I’ve been waiting to participate in Wash Wednesdays on Garden Mama’s blog. So even though as I’m writing this it is officially Thursday, I’ll still join in the fun!

I got into “line drying” when I started cloth diapering. That is when I discovered the amazing bleaching power of the sun. My first batch of diapers came out of the wash looking a lot like they did when I put them in. I was so discouraged. A lot of mamas on Diaper Swappers talked about sunning their diapers to bleach out the stains. I was skeptical, but tried it. In just a few hours, the diapers looked brand new. Amazing!!!

I would say that up until last week, I was an average line dryer. I used two drying racks from IKEA to hang diapers and nicer clothing. Well, last week I became a official line dryer. The heating element on our dryer went out and we have not been able to get the part. Line drying was on my “Spring Greening” checklist, I just needed a little push. My hubby hung an old-fashioned clothesline across our yard and now I’m a pro! Next up on my sewing list is this adorable clothespin apron.

I already had my first line drying mishap as well. I made a quick run to the store the other day, and while I was gone, a summer storm popped up. When I arrived home, my laundry was not only soaked, but was strewn across the yard in the mud. My hubby said, “It’s hard being country/crunchy, isn’t it.” I’ve learned my lesson. If leaving the house, never leave your laundry on the line if there are any clouds in the sky. Not even one!

One last thought on my new clothesline, and then I promise I’ll go to bed. This might sound a bit silly, but when I’m out in the hot sun, hanging up my laundry, I feel incredibly connected to my great-grandmother, Mama Stacy. I always remember her having a beautiful clothesline in her backyard. It’s one of my many fond memories of her and a small way to carry on her legacy.

I know, enough about the clothesline. Good Night!



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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful clothesline!
    I love that you wrote about your great-grandmother, Mama Stacy. I feel a connection to my grandmother as well when I hang my laundry on the line. I think this is a beautiful way to remember them and the precious memories they gave to us. Our dryer went too a few years ago and it is amazing how that does really give you the ‘push’ and then you just get used to only using the line. (We got rid of our t.v. many years ago too and in the same way, we do not miss it at all) : )

  2. (I just left a comment but I do not think it went through?)

    I just had said that I love your connection to your great-grandmother Mama Stacy and your clothesline! My line brings me memories of my Nana, what precious memories they gifted to us!

    I understand how losing your dryer gives you that extra ‘push’ we got rid of our tv many years ago and have not looked back since, it feels like a similar thing… Enjoy your day! : )

  3. We’ve been in this house for 11 years now and it is actually the first house I have ever lived in that I didn’t have a clothes line. This brings back a lot of memories of my childhood, because my mother always used a clothes line and so did I until moving here. I really don’t know what made me get away from it. And the clothes always smell so good when you bring them in!!! I enjoy reading your blogs!!!

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