Is Waldorf compatible with Christianity?

Anyone at all familiar with Waldorf probably raised their eyebrows at my previous post on how I really like the Waldorf educational philosophy. Mainly because Waldorf was founded by Rudolph Steiner who was also the founder of Anthroposophy. For those of you unfamiliar with Waldorf, Steiner and Anthroposophy, click here. I, of course, do not believe in many of the ideas behind Anthroposophy, such a reincarnation. But there are so many good things about Waldorf education that have no spiritual implications.

As Christians, oftentimes our first instinct is to throw something right out the window if it doesn’t completely match up with our belief system, failing to see the good mixed in with the questionable. In Matthew 3, the Bible talks about God separating the wheat from the chaff. What that basically means is “taking the good, and leaving the bad behind.” That is what I plan to do with Waldorf. Incorporate the good aspects of Waldorf into my parenting and educational style, and not mess with the things that are contrary to my Christian beliefs.

To read what others think on the topic of Waldorf and Christianity, read this interesting thread on I’d love to know your thoughts!



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  1. Thanks for this – I too am struggling with some aspects of Waldorf but at the same time love so much of its philosophy and teaching style! Peace to you…

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