Baltic Amber: A Natural Pain Reliever

I recently learned of using Baltic Amber teething necklaces as a natural alternative to Tylenol or Orajel. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me, since Aidan is drooling like crazy and constantly chewing on his fingers.

When Baltic Amber is worn against the skin, the warmth of our bodies causes the amber to release trace amounts of oil that contain succinic acid which are absorbed by the skin. For teething babies, this   works as a natural analgesic to alleviate teething pain and other side effects such as restlessness, drooling, and irritability.

Here is Aidan, looking like a little surfer in his necklace from Inspired by Finn.


Baltic Amber can also be worn by adults on various parts of the body to help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, back pain, menstrual pain, and migraines!

I can already tell a difference in Aidan. His teething irritations seem mild and his drooling has greatly decreased!



Disclaimer: As with any infant jewelry, Baltic Amber teething necklaces are to be worn under adult supervision only, and should not be worn while child is sleeping. 

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