A Fun Way to Reuse Plastic Bottle Caps

When our city started picking up recycling with the trash, they let us know what could and could not be recycled through them. For some reason, the plastic caps on milk jugs and soda bottles were on that list. I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away so I started tossing them in a bowl on top of the microwave. I was looking through my box of saved plastic containers and found a baby wipes container and I had an idea!

Buddy loves putting change into his “piggy” bank so I gave him the caps and wipes container and he had fun putting the caps through the wipes slot. He also loves screwing the caps on and off the bottles. Since I obviously can’t save all of the bottles for him to play with, I cut a few of the tops off and files down the edge with an emery board so he could put the caps on and off. The caps are also great for sorting by size and color.

So the saying goes…”One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”



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