How It All Began

My first son was born in March of 2008. For blogging sake, I will call him Buddy. While I was pregnant, I began doing a lot of reading and online research about parenting. That’s when I discovered Dr. Sears and Attachment Parenting. I read his book entitled “The Baby Book” from cover to cover. Although I agreed with his parenting philosophy, I wasn’t quite sold on things such as babywearing and co-sleeping. The only thing I was certain of was breastfeeding. Thankfully, breastfeeding was very easy for me. I nursed Buddy full-time until he was about 9 months old, and then continued part-time until he was about 13 months old…and I loved every minute of it.

I had purchased a pouch style sling and attempted to wear him a couple of times, but just found the pouch too tight and uncomfortable. I purchased a wrap when he was about 4-6 months old and it was a lifesaver. I was cleaning our church at the time and would wear him during the entire cleaning routine. He loved it and so did I. So, I officially became a babywearing Mama.

Co-sleeping is something that came out of necessity more than anything, but now I can’t imagine doing it any other way. In the hospital, Buddy refused to be laid down. He screamed every time we put him in the bassinet. So his very first night, he slept peacefully next to me in the hospital bed. When we got home, I tried to do the “normal” thing and put him in the baby bed, but he would start screaming every time. So the first week or so, I would pretty much sleep sitting up in a chair holding the little guy. Finally, I decided to go against the “norm” and follow my instincts. I took Buddy to bed with me and we both slept great. He slept next to me for the next 23 months of his life and neither of us ever got less than 8 hours of continuous sleep.  We just moved Buddy into his big boy bed last week, and he transitioned just fine. With the arrival of his little brother  plus the amount of maturity and independence Buddy had shown in recent weeks, we knew it was time. We are now co-sleeping with the new little one (we’ll call him Little Man) and once again, we aren’t missing any sleep with a 2 week old. Not many people can say that!

And so, without intentionally setting out to become an “Attachment Parenting” Mama, that’s where my instincts took me. I like to call it “Natural Parenting” because I believe that it is parenting the way that comes most naturally when you follow your instincts rather than popular opinion.



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  1. María Xi says:

    I also practice co-sleeping and took in a baby sling for my baby. She loves it.
    Sleeping with her is the best, especially for night nursing and has been very gratifying Chilean winter is cold.

    Greetings from Chile.

  2. I agree that sleeping with baby is the BEST thing for nighttime nursing! I NEVER have to get up with the baby in the middle of the night.

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